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March 1, 2010

Verbal versus Bubble

In the eternal search for female companionship, the impeccable Morgan Grimes once wisely outlined the two approaches a man can utilize in such a quest. While trying to help his best friend Chuck recover his dream girl from the clutches of another man, he explains the difference between the verbal and bubble approaches. It's a beautiful clip (and it only took me an hour to cut with movie maker).

Verbal vs bubble. Man and women are very familiar with these two skill sets. On the one side lives the bulging, log-chopping, scruff-chinned man. The other side provides the comical, witty, chic-nerd. Both types of men have their pros and cons, with girls being attracted to six packs and jokes, and repelled by stick-figure arms or the daily wearing of gym shorts. Did it all start with Beauty and the Beast? Sure, the Beast was all-man, muscular, capable of "filling out a pair of slacks", but the fellow wasn't much for chatter. Wit, charm, charisma - these were the missing traits that Belle could only hope for her dream man to develop. On the reverse side, Friends gave us the exploits of Ross Gellar and his attempts to woo dream girl Rachel Green. Not much of a man when compared to his pal Joey Tribbiani, what Ross lacked in awesome bubble power he made up for with his verbal abilities.

I bring this topic to your attention only because I am in a verbal versus bubble battle at this very moment. That's right, I like a girl. Sadly, I don't bring a lot of muscle to the table. At least I don't compared to my competitor. A man with trees for arms and bricks for abs is the one I must vanquish in the fight for the current girl of my dreams.

For this girl to climb out of my dreams and into my actual life will require my verbal skills to be at their finest level. So for this I turn to Steve Rushin. A writer for Sports Illustrated, he knows how to wordsmith. Boy does he ever.

I guess that's really the whole point to this measly post, now that I'm here, to link to my favorite Rushin rambling.

This one here:

Oh yeah, and to memorialize that clip of Morgan.

Fellow verbalists! We have our exemplars. Now let's follow.

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