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February 23, 2010

Two Questions

Question 1: 

What the #$%! happened to the Utah Jazz I used to know and hate? The Jazz that couldn't defend, wouldn't defend, couldn't make clutch shots, couldn't make comebacks, couldn't win on the road?


It all started with what could be the best trade the Jazz have ever made: Eric Maynor and Matt Harpring for nothing. A hole was created and filled by division two star Sundiata Gaines. You might remember that  Gaine's  first career three pointer came in a game against the Cavs. 1.8 seconds before the shot dropped, I proclaimed the Jazz season dead. They had just blown a double-digit lead with four minutes left at home to one of the top teams in the league. Such a botch job would destroy any hint of confidence I had left in an already underachieving team - I'm certain it would have finished off the players confidence as well. But there was no botch job. Instead a miracle. Sundiata Gaines made the three as the buzzer sounded, pandemonium ensued,  and the Jazz had their best regular season win in ages.

Moments like this are what bring teams together. Unless you're Ronnie Brewer.

Sports is a fickle thing. One miss or make can spark a multitude of consequences. What's happened in the 19 games since Sundiata's shot has been unbelievable:

-The Jazz won seven games in a row. On the road. For the first time in a decade.
-Jerry Sloan hopped in a time machine and swapped Kirilenko 2010  for the 2004 version.
-The Jazz improved from tenth in the west to third in the west, while only a mere half game out of second.
-Mehmut Okur has recorded 3 blocks.

 Sundiata Gaines, I thank you.

Question 2:

Will my writing about the Jazz's success jinx the team?


Yup. Jazz just lost at home to Atlanta for the first time since 1993 while I was writing this.

Spencer Hansen, I curse you.

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