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March 24, 2010

One Third Through

The first time we broke up, the red-headed lover didn't take it too well (neither did I, but this story isn't about me. Well, at least not directly). And girls, when heartbroken, tend to seek comfort in one (or more) of the following devices:

a) Eating ice cream
b) Burning pictures of their old fling
c) Reading Twilight

The red-headed lover, to her everlasting credit, pursued another route in search of comfort: she watched hours and hours of old-school BYU football clips on youtube and Byu-Tv.

If ever there were a sign that me and Brooke were supposed to be together, that was it.

And somehow I still blew it.

How I ever let go of a girl like that (possibly the only girl like that) is beyond my ability to comprehend.
Yes, yes,you don't have to tell me. I know. I'm an idiot.

So what if we'd rather kiss the cougar statue outside LaVell's stadium than each other?

I let go of a girl that a) is hot, and b) likes BYU football as much as I do. Those are just two of the many things I miss about her (see Brooke's Blog for further detail).

She's been gone six months, as of today. Incredibly, as her time away has increased, so too have my feelings for her. Sadly, and rightly, the same can't be said for her.

I suppose there is good news, though. At least I still have 365 days to figure out a way to win her back once she returns.

I'm open to suggestions. Appearance improvement, date ideas, charming jokes, the ability to enjoy chick flicks. I'll take advice on practically anything.  Just don't suggest hair regrowth formula.

Already tried it.

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