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January 6, 2010

Yup, Another Decade in Review

All around the web I read about the highlights of the decade.

Best sports star of the decade (Albert Pujols).
Best story of the decade (Steven Colbert sponsors U.S Olympians).
Best looking-person of the decade (Bob Costas).

Well, it only makes sense that I add to the nostalgia by recounting various highlights of the past ten years.

(Spoiler alert: Unless your name is Bryan Farnsworth, Nathan Ballard, Cassie Pickle, Bunna Veth, Ryan Pearson, or Doug Horne this blog probably isn't worth your time)

Best Athletic Performance of the decade:    
Nathan Ballard torches West Lake in game 4 of epic series on his birthday

Worst Athletic Performance of the decade: 
Nathan Ballard bowls a 41 during a high school competition.

Most romantic moment:                              
Bryan Farnsworth in the North Salt Lake shrubs. With a girl.

Best book:                                                 
The Book Thief

Worst book:                                     
John Amaechi Unzipped: tales of a gay NBA star

Saddest Moment:                             
LaVell Edwards' retirement

Happiest Moment:                                      
Birth of Climps

Turning point of the decade:                        
Nathan Ballard overcomes racism, befriends Bunna and Spencer.

Best decision of the decade:                       
Spencer's parents go to high-speed internet (barely made deadline, occured Fall 2009)

Second best decision of the decade:
Bunna decides to grow a mustache.

Best Mustache of the decade:                    
Bunna Veth.

Worst decision of the decade:                    
Sorry Landon.

Best Networking moment:                         
Bunna lunches with Larry H. Miller

Most Dramatic moment:                            
Farnsworth nearly dies jumping off ice-cliff during hike.

Best hair of the decade:                             
Douglas Horne

Teacher of the decade:                              
Cassie Pickle. (I would still be patting girls on the back during hugs if it weren't for you)

Best debate of the decade:                        
Tie: How much does Zac Roner really weigh? Are Spencer and Nathan gay? (Answers: Don't know and no)

Sexiest moment:                                       
Tie: Bryan Farnsworth in Under armour playing Basketball. Seigfried and Roy visit Logan city.

Least surprising end to the decade:            
Ryan Pearson remains unwed.

Biggest surprise to end the decade:           
Ryan Pearson reamains alive.

Biggest let-down of the decade:                
Spencer starts a blog.


  1. Wow... Teacher of the decade!

    How honored I feel to except this award! I would like to dedicate it on behalf of all the usually lurpy and painfully awkward boys I’ve helped along the way! That means you: Ben Klay, JT Vought, Tim Lewis and of course dear Spencer Hansen. I was honored to have played some small roll in your verge into manhood.

    Always remember the golden rules on how to bring it in for the real thing: Press full body-to-body, don’t be afraid of innocent pelvic area touching, hold for a moment and never pat-out. Thank you and goodnight!!!

  2. This Cassie person seems like a winner. If only all women were so instructive

  3. I'm going to have to do better this decade... (Don't bother looking for my blog)