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December 28, 2009

Spencer Manwalker and the birth of a blog

There are those that talk like a man.
There are those that eat like a man.
But few and far between are those that walk like a man.

I am one of them.

Manwalkers walk with a speed, purpose, and power that none can rival. Manwalkers do not care that their velocity makes hand-holding impossible (my little sister shudders at the thought). Manwalkers do not care that they are mocked by cool people for their brisk gate. Those that walk like a man are born to avoid using cars and are destined to pace the mall til their death.

I cannot take all the credit for my manwalking ability. Bunna Veth- Cambodian, minister, and engineer extraordinaire- was instrumental in my leg development (He didn't have a car in high school either). Together we made the two mile journey from home to school and back again. Rain, snow, hail, a person who had been hit by a car requesting our aid - nothing slowed us. We wore out sneakers like hot girls wear out gays. Our love for walking grew to the point that our own group, Pedest's Army, was formed. As technology improved we spread our beliefs via our beloved website, The combined writings of Uruguay and Cambodia took the world by storm, winning multiple webbies for creative content, best design, and most irrelevant site. Sadly, we ran out of funds and were forced to abandon the domain name. Someday we will retake it.

Alas, our words of wisdom to the world were halted for a time, until a new website, The Peleton,was born. Combining with fellow Granger alums, we forged our creative forces into a site filled with editorials, predictions, comics, and criticisms. The Peleton was a stomping success. Until we burned out (5 weeks after starting).

The world would not hear from me again until fall 2007, the turning point in my life. As part of my journalism class, the students were required to start a blog. I obeyed. The rest is history.

Now, why would I bore you with tales of walking and the historic recounting of my blog's birth?

1) Because I wanted you to know I walk fast.
2) Because I'm bored.

Four weeks is a long Christmas break.

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