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January 31, 2012

Chuck Almanac

-- As titled, a reference

A reference for things Chuck related. Links to interviews, soundtracks, reviews, my previous posts and even some YouTube specials. The 16,000 word interview is a must read for any fan.

Previous Chuck installments
Pod 1: A Discussion on Chuck
Pod 20: The Premiere
The Hancey's

16,000 word, comprehensive, series ending, 5-part interview with Chris Fedac and Josh Schwartz (conducted by Alan Sepinwall)

- Part 1
-Part 2
-Part 3
-Part 4
-Part 5

Jeff and Lester Buy Hard Webisodes

Buy More Training Videos

Episode-by-episode Reviews (Eric Goldman, IGN)

Sepinwall letter to NBC

Pre-series finale interview

Series finale review
Post-series finale interview with Fedak, Schwartz, (Eric Goldman, IGN)
Episode-by-episode Soundtrack

And finally as a reward for scrolling this far, the best moment in Chuck history

“Chuck was a show with a lot of moving parts, mixing a lot of tones and styles and genres into a blender. Some weeks, everything worked. Some weeks, only some parts worked. Some weeks, we basically had to wrestle our brains to the ground to accept that the plot could actually work the way it did. But Chuck was a show where we forgave a lot because the joy of the show — both of the people making it and that we could feel watching it — was always so palpable. These people loved making this ridiculous show, and we loved them for it." -- Alan Sepinwall

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