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August 11, 2010

Bitter? Of Course Not

I almost took a tile-saw to my stomach once I heard the U of U was being picked to join the PAC-10 conference. Just like that my greatest enemy was chosen over my favorite team in the quest for more money, exposure, and prestige. I wanted to throw up. And then Greg Wrubell reminded me of a little something I like to call the "BYU has 83 more championships than you" statistic.

Glad to see that these numbers didn't influence anyone's choices when it came to conference expansion.

Total MWC Championships (Regular Season and Tournament Combined)
BYU: 130
Utah: 47
UNLV: 35
New Mexico: 32
San Diego State: 28
TCU*: 26
Colorado State: 26
Air Force: 2
Wyoming: 2
*member since 2005-06

MWC Regular Season Championships
BYU: 40
Utah: 31
San Diego State: 17
TCU: 14
Colorado State: 13
UNLV: 10
New Mexico: 9
Wyoming: 2
Air Force: 1
MWC Tournament Championships
BYU: 90
UNLV: 25
New Mexico: 23
Utah: 16
Colorado State: 13
TCU: 12
San Diego State: 11
Air Force: 1
Wyoming: 0


Suddenly I don't feel so bad about BYU being passed over for Utah's vastly "superior" athletic program.

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