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May 11, 2014

Foooood Truuuuuck

-- Some jobs sound better than others

My interest and/or desire to work at the tax submission or tax comiserable or tax-a-humanist-- whichever of my friends' jokes you want to use -- has submarined. It has dive-bombed to the bottom of the ocean, setting up camp in the lower bunks of the Titanic.  Jack, are you there? Jaaaaack!?!

My motivation is at zero.  My tolerance for the annoyings I work with is likewise at par.  A grave amount of my day is spent flipping between Cougarboard and Twitter, followed by a quick check of the phone.  Wash, rinse, refresh.  Part of it is due to the promise of a dream that may not be as improbable as once thought: running a food truck.  Last week a preliminary quesadilla cost estimate came out at about $1.50 per quesadilla. Relying on an estimated sales price of $6 a portion, we're suddenly talking about a 75% profit/sales/gross margin  and that just might be survivable11. Allow me to reinforce the notion that these are rough, rough, rough estimates, the likes of which haven't even considered the price of guacamole, for example..  Maybe not - either way it's fun to dream.

There are pros and cons of uprooting and starting a new, weird life as a trucker. Saying good-bye to security is one con22. Though this could, in the world of self-help books, be considered a pro as the sayanarra to security would create so drastic a condition that our foursome would be pushed to tap new resources and discover within ourselves something we knew not existed. .  Saying hello to happiness, one pro. Telling our bosses, "Hey, we're leaving to start a food truck because this job sucks." would be another. Having less money - con.  Spending 65 hours brainstorming a truck name? Pro.  Living as a quad? ... a mixed bag I'd wager with the highs out-highing the lows.

Our biggest obstacles at this stage are taste, as in, how does one make a salsa and tortilla that people would pay money for?  We've reached out to one person in the know in hopes of getting some salsa recipe secrets ... but so far no luck33. Are Restaurant X employees really that faithful? Yes, apparently..  The tortilla pursuits have been improving. We have advanced from flat scones to crusty flour plates to "eating this doesn't hurt my taste buds" to stuff that actually resemble tortillas.  Progress is progress I suppose.

I do wonder if I have the guts for such a venture.  I've never gambled much beyond that time that I traded for Darren McFadden in my fantasy football league (whoops).  To risk our current lives on the idea that people would give up money for a food of our foursome's making seems a bit presumptuous.  And my that food truck market seems saturated these days.  But then, have you had this stuff?

It's good.

Have you had this?

It is not.


  1. Become a food trucker. That sounds marvelous.

  2. You absolutely should. Let's think of the worst possible outcomes - 1. You food kills someone. Unlikely. Worth the risk, as I've tasted your Guac. 2. You lose some money. You would still be qualified for your terrible job and could start the boring life again, if need be. You might turn all of your tennis shoes into "sandals" and continue driving a toro, but isn't that kind of what you want anyway? You'd learn a ton, be chasing after something exciting for the first time in a while, You'll collect a million stories (and whatever can push you to blog more is obviously what God wants), and you'll meet people who like what you like. Then, if it fails, you'll have interesting friends around you to start your next adventure as opposed to the annoyings (loved that) who surround you now. DO IT. I'm soooooo happy in my post-security life.

  3. No joke, the possibility of a major increase in blogging material would be at least 30% of my motivation in undertaking such an endeavor.

  4. This blog post does get me super super excited... but still nervous.. but excited... I DONT' KNOW WHAT TO THINK!!! You guys are slowly killing me and yet giving me life at the same time! haha