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June 11, 2013

IGN Resumé: Associate Editor

Hello there IGN Master Chief of hiring. I'm guessing a traditional resume won't suffice for this job offering. I will tell you I write. I pod. And I love video games just like every other applicant you've heard from. What do I do differently from the rest? I do these things well. Or at least I like to think so. I'm so certain you'll like my stuff that you don't even need to interview me; I did it for you. Hit one of the links below to see what an interview with me is like. Yes I've blogged, submitted for the school newspaper, taken journalism classes blah blah blah but this one-on-one interview contains what you really want to know about me.

Press play!

Or Download

ps -- If you didn't like that, try my Cover Letter. My fan (singular) tells me I write better than I pod. 
pss -- Does the fact that I own this shirt help my cause? 

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