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April 21, 2012

In Progress, Fate Undecided

-- What's our next move in the blogosphere?

Aye carumba. Is that how you spell that? I don't really know, and due to internet fatigue I'd rather not consult at this moment to find out. But I feel to say it.

Have you wondered if this site had died? Had you not noticed? Did you just chalk it up to what you assumed was a marriage mandate from the wife that outlawed me from spending time writing? Are you sick of reading sentences that end in question marks?

Me too.

Here's the scoop:  I want(ed) something new. A new site. But something that while being new, also threw the mind back to the forerunners of the various blogs we now frequent:, I could go on. My history read something like this:, g-house.something,, and then What did those sites have in common?

1) They had multiple contributors, and
2) I liked them more than this blog.

And so that is why this site has died. It's because I'm trying to bring that back. Here's an example of one beta. It's struggling. And that is why I say aye carumba.

Anyone know how to spell that?


  1. I think you probably spelled it right...

  2. Good times will be had for sure when it gets up and running.