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July 14, 2011

The Fantasy Draft, or Nerds on Parade

Ignoring the fact that pursuing this path labeled me eternally as a nerd beyond help, I chose to hold a Harry Potter Fantasy Draft. Am I embarrassed? Yes. Am I proud? A smidge. Am I a Harry Potter disciple?Unapologetically.

The rules of the draft were simple. Teamed with Harry Potter connoisseur and literary expert Hayley Dearden-Weasley, we took turns picking seven characters from the Rowling canon to complete our desired Dream Team. Behold the results:

Excel. As classy as I can go.

While the direct mission of these teams was (and remains) unknown, we can guess which team would prevail in a sample of fantasy categories. Following is the analysis of which team would have the advantage if the teams were judged by…

Quidditch Success – Dearden boasts a host of Quidditch stalwarts, solidifying the keeper, seeker/chaser and bludger positions, not to mention the relationship among her four stars would create a team chemistry  that would be second to none. That said, Hansen’s duo of Wood and Potter would outshine anyone, including the Weasley wonders, on the pitch.

Advantage: Team Hansen

Romance/Love – No argument exists here. Team Dearden marches all over Hansen with her army of love-driven characters: Ginny, Snape and of course, heart-breaker Hermione.

Advantage: Team Dearden

World Domination – This category is as lopsided as the comparison above. The Potter-Riddle-Dumbledore trio of Team Hansen would proceed unopposed in a quest for world domination. Hagrid and Neville, mere role players on Team Hansen, would give any of Team Dearden’s upper-echelon spell casters a run for their money.

Advantage: Team Hansen

Family Home Evening – It seems unlikely that the odd mix of Team Hansen would be willing to set apart Monday Nights as together time, while at Team Dearden it would be a weekly pleasure.

Huge Advantage: Team Dearden

Team you’d want to go to lunch with – This one is a bit tricky. Whether journalist or layman, anyone would want to sit down and chat with legends like Tom Riddle or Albus Dumbledore. But at the same time, one has to wonder what type of stories the Snape/Lupin/Black trio could tell. I guess at the end of the day, it all comes down to Fred and George. There’s no one I’d like to lunch with more.

Slight Advantage: Team Dearden


Different teams with varying strengths, to say the least. Which is better? I wish I could say time will tell, but it can’t. All that time tells us is that me and Hayley are nerds. 


  1. Spencer. I love this. Good work buddy! :)

  2. Love this. I am delighted by your summary of my rambling picks...

  3. Fantastic fun Spencer. You are amazing. As far as teams, I think your team is a dream team if you could trade Hagrid for Hermione.