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March 23, 2011

Pod 3 - Identity Crisis

Episode 3: wherein the podcasting duo debate what the name of the unnamed pod should be. After failing to reach an accordance, special guests are invited to share their naming experience and wisdom.

Guest Starring: Devon Smith, Doug Peterson

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1 comment:

  1. Nathan and Spencer's Podtacular ...?
    Podcastacular. this one reminds me of something else.
    Mind Poddling.
    Here today, Pod tomorrow

    Actually all of these are pretty bad names. I think you guys were on the right track. You do need to find your identity. Figure out where you want the podcast to go, like what kinds of issues do you plan on doing. I suspect you will want a variety of things, and in that case you will need to find a name that doesn't box you into something, or make others think that you guys only talk about a small group of selective issues.

    Furthermore, the name should not be anything too ridiculous as to not lose any credibility. With that being said I think something simple may be best, and sorry to say it, but the puns on "pod" may need to be left out.