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April 15, 2009

Lower Education

There comes a time in every college students' life when they realize that the university they chose to attend isn't all they hoped it would be.

For some, this realization comes when they realize their school's best sporting group is their womens gymnastic team. (Our poor friends at the U of U, for example)

For others, it comes when they find out that an associates degree is not the same as a bachelors degree. (Alas, I feel for you, dearest SLCC graduates)

For me it was the donkey basketball.

Recently I was reading the front page of the Utah State newspaper, when this picture greeted me:

Why, I ask, am I attending a university which sponsors this debacle of a sport?

How am I supposed to take pride in my school when they run this type of sham event?

It's bad enough that the USU football team has lost to BYU and Utah by a combined score of 334 to 75 over the last 6 years (including losing 38-0 to BYU and 48-0 to Utah in back-to-back weeks in 2006), now I have to hoop in a gym with donkey poop?

Perhaps if this type of embarassing event were a solo occurrence, I'd be a little more forgiving. Unfortunately, USU's whole school year is filled with these ridiculous events. September kicks off with a university sponsored tractor parade (my friends at the U sure enjoy mocking that one). Later in the year the annual Logger Ball is held (sadly I've never been able to attend; I don't have a long enough saw or a flannel shirt). And yet another glorious moment for the university comes every February, as sheep and goat day is celebrated.

I'm glad we spend time celebrating this beautiful animal

Tell me again why we wonder why USU doesn't get the same amount of respect that BYU and Utah do?


  1. Spencer,
    your posts are always a delight to read:)
    It was fun having you at our tiny apartment- Hope that you are feeling on top of the weather again!

  2. Huh... Not even exactly sure how to respond... Yee Ha maybe? No, no... Getty up really doesn't work... Kinda like a big jack ass skit or something.

  3. The school has gone to pot since I left. I would not tolerate this debacle.