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November 14, 2007

Practice news story 10: investigative piece

10:05 a.m. MT Nov. 14, 2007

Gates, Turner, teaming up to improve African health

LOGAN, UTAH--Together their two foundations have donated over $30 billion to charitable causes, but that may be viewed as a paltry sum in comparison to the amount that Bill Gates and Ted Turner plan to donate to African countries in the upcoming months.

Bill Gates, along with his wife Melinda and philanthropist Ted Turner met today with African officials in Abuja, Nigeria to discuss plans aimed at educating African nations about healthcare. The plan would send millions of dollars over the years to build educational facilities and provide workshops that would teach African citizens how to improve their health. “I really believe that (Gates and Turner) have our best interest at heart in the long run,” said Nigerian Mayor Malik Ok. “They are very generous individuals.”

The education will not be directed towards awarding individuals with degrees or certificates; rather the workshops will be dedicated towards improving health to the point that deaths due to poor health will decrease significantly.

Ok spoke about Gates’ desire to educate people to the point that they can help themselves instead of relying upon others. He acknowledged that Gates and Turner are willing to do whatever it takes to get Africa started.“We were willing to do our part and they are willing to do theirs,” said Ok.

The team of Gates and Turner plan to announce officially their plans for improving African health sometime next month.


  1. Wow, this is a really long article for the short amount of time we had. Great job!!!

  2. GOOD JOB! I am totally impressed with what you were able to write in such a short time. The beginning paragraph was well written and grabbed my attention!