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October 29, 2007

Practice News Story Speech:

Posted: November 19, 1863

President Commemorates Battle of Gettysburg

GETTYSBURG, PENN -- U.S. President Abraham Lincoln traveled to Gettysburg Thursday afternoon to give a dedicatory speech at the site of what he called "the greatest battle of (the civil) war." Over four months ago union armies defeated confederate fighters at this spot in a battle that brought more US deaths than any other in the war has had.

President Lincoln’s speech may very well go down in US history as one of the greatest speeches ever given. The president spoke with great emotion referring repeatedly to human rights and equality among all men. He said that he required only one draft to complete the speech and that he felt guided during the whole process of crafting it. “I drew upon the inspiration of Almighty God, ” said Lincoln. Lincoln also mentioned his certainty that US citizens will be accepting of his words. “I believe (the speech) echoes the sentiments of this nation, ” he said. For the chance to read his whole speech please see page B4.


  1. The information was a good background set-up. I think that including a portion of the quote that seems most interesting to you could almost be a form of foreshadowing that makes the readers want to go to B4. Also there were some punctuation problems with periods and no spaces before the next sentence started.

  2. I think you did a really good job on making this like an actual news story. For some reason this one was hard for me. You had a lot of facts and your story was to the point.