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September 5, 2007

Practice News Story 1: Accident


Drivers heading towards Tremonton yesterday via Interstate 84 were witness to a tragic scene. A Utah State University field trip turned disastrous after a van carrying ten students and their instructor swerved and rolled off the road, ejecting all riders, killing eight and sending the surviving three to neighboring hospitals in the process.

The accident occurred around 4:00 p.m. as the students were making the return trip to campus. While high speed may have played a factor in the crash (the van was reported as traveling at 81 mph) Kyle Holden, a fellow student who participated in the field trip, said that from his view in a separate car, smoke bellowed from the back of the van just before the crash happened. “It looked like the tire exploded…it just disappeared.” Driver Evan Packer, the instructor leading the field trip, tried to regain control, but was unable to prevent the car from flying off the road. The van rolled at least three times before coming to a stop. Six of the students died before emergency aid arrived, two passed away en route to the hospital, while the other three remain in unknown conditions in nearby hospitals.

While some might angrily search for fault in the van itself, investigation has yet to show the exact cause of the accident. Stan Albrecht, President of Utah State University, assured that university provided vehicles are inspected every two years. Sadly, the pain of death may have been lessened had any of the passengers been using their seat belts. All eleven were thrown out of the van, and Jason Jenson, the highway patrolmen who arrived at the scene, admitted that there existed no sign of seatbelt usage.

“I can’t believe this has even happened,” said Kyle, who realized that he could’ve easily been traveling in the van with his fellow students.“These are good homegrown farm kids… they were my friends.” President Albrecht, recognizing the greatness of the tragedy, plans on holding a memorial service in the students honor. The names of the victims will be released within the week.


  1. I think your article is very well done. It is very informative and doesn't leave too many questions unanswered. As for quotes I'm not sure if they are completely correct, but mine probably aren't either. Very good article!

  2. I like your article. it reads quickly and to the point. After sitting through the same press conference you did, I am not sure of the names now. I thought it was Evan Parker not Packer... I could be wrong:)
    Also, isn't 'patorlmen' plural... but who's editing? LOL!

  3. You did a great job on this article. I liked the language you used to illustrate the story. You were able to use a lot of great details and it made the story more interesting to read. Great job.

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