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September 26, 2007

Practice News Story 4: Court

10:16 a.m. MT Sept. 26, 2007

Two Logan Residents Charged with Vandalism of LDS Meetinghouse

Logan, UT- 35-year-old James Michaels and a juvenile accomplice were charged today with misdemeanor accounts of breaking, entering and vandalizing a LDS meeting house. The preliminary hearing was held today at the 1st Superior Court in Logan.

The two men are linked to a break in that occurred last week during the early hours of the morning at a local LDS meeting house. Two computers were removed from the church, and the two accompanying monitors were found destroyed in the building. Sheriff Deputy Geoffrey Hasty, the officer who arrested the two suspects, was guided to the accused’s homes by the help of a squad of K9’s. Also factoring into the arrests were phone calls from neighbors and friends of the juvenile. “We received several tips throughout the day,” Hasty said.

The two men were being held in the Cache County Detention Center before they took out a bail bond to pay the 1000$ release fee. Their trial will be held October 21st. Defense Attorney Robbie Cochran doubts that there will be a need for the next trial. “We believe our clients are innocent of their crimes … I believe the charges will be dropped.”


  1. Dude, I am way impressed by your writing abilities with the ten minutes that we had in class today. You got all of the information and the important info in the correct order. I hope to be like you one of these days.

  2. for some reason the inverted pyramid is very difficult for me especially under the pressure of a hard deadline. Good Job!