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July 20, 2008

Long Live LaVell

One of the greatest college football coaches of all-time was a man of little emotion. Whether he lost by 1 point or won the national championship, LaVell Edwards showed the same level of excitement: he frowned (see photo). I mention this because during the high stakes bingo competition last night, winners had to show great excitement on stage in order to receive their prize. Low excitement would garner a prize from the crap bag instead of the original prize. This infuriated me for as a life long follower of Lavell I, too, have become a man who celebrates great victory with nothing more than a mild fist pump or a soft voiced "yee-ha". Had I won I don't doubt that I would have been booed from the stage for my low showing of excitement. It's not that LaVell or I don't get excited, it's just that we don't enjoy making fools of ourselves in order to demonstrate our excitement levels. One winner, for example, went so far as to hump the announcer in order to show his glee (my roomate, sadly).

I'm afraid I just can't do that. And I credit the legendary Cougar coach for it. Long live LaVell.

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